Sedona Secret Caves

During the Memorial Day trip to Sedona we were able to find a lot of new things that we had never seen before. We found a couple of the secret caves. Finding these caves took a lot of research online and map studying, as well as reviewing gpx files that we found online. Even that wasn’t enough. We still had to find the caves on our own by some trial and error.

On one of our hikes, we spent about 10 hours hiking in backcountry areas, most of which was through dense manzanita. It was tough hiking, took a long time to get places, and everybody came away with dozens of scratches. We probably aren’t going to do that again. In addition, it was a hot day and some of the group began to run out of water. Luckily, we were able to get out of the sun by going into cool caves and alcoves to avoid the heat.

Check out the Sedona Caves Gallery for pictures.

The Search for Secret Caves in Sedona

After having visited Sedona many times, we have found some of the caves that are popular. But there are other, secret caves, that are so secret people in Sedona refuse to give the information on them. So we’ve been going online and doing our best to research some of these caves.

The featured picture above is from the Birthing Cave. The picture below if the Soldier’s Arch. There are more, but I don’t have pictures of my own to share. When we find the caves, I’ll post pictures. If possible, I’ll post a map with a GPX track.

Halloween in Sedona

After months of planning and waiting, we finally made it to Sedona for what we thought was going to be a “post pandemic” trip. As it turns out, the virus is still affecting everything. But, as usual, we made the best of it.

In prior trips to Sedona, we realized that parking might be a problem. However, we thought that Friday, October 30, 2020, was going to be different because it was not a holiday in AZ. Not true. We arrived and struggled to find the last 2 parking spaces for the Devil’s Bridge hike. When we left, the cars were parked along Dry Creek Rd. in both directions. We did 2 other hikes that day and struggled to find parking in both of the trail heads due to crowds.

We had been looking forward to Halloween in Jerome, AZ. The rumor was that Halloween celebrations there are fun. The setting was perfect. Jerome is a “ghost” town. It was a Saturday night and the moon was full. But every business in town closed early and by 7pm we were ready to leave because there was nothing happening. Our only guess is that the town decided that they were scared of the virus more than they needed tourism dollars. What a disappointment.

We had a lot of fun on hikes on this trip and can’t wait to get back to explore more of the trails in Sedona. Check out the Sedona Gallery for some new pictures.

Halloween in Sedona

Looking Out of the Arch Cave

We had a lot of fun in Sedona and there’s so much more to see. So we’re heading back in late October. We’re hoping to go to Jerome for Halloween because they have a festival there.

Last Chance to Have Red Rock to Ourselves

Relaxing at the pond at Red Cap

The Calico Hills of Red Rock, NCA have been very quiet since the officials there have blocked access. We have enjoyed going to the rocks and scrambling while nobody else was there. But those days are about to end. Red Rock will re-open on Monday, June 1, 2020.

May 31, 2020 is going to be our last chance to have Red Rock to ourselves. Enjoy!